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Brittany Smith

I started training with Rusty in February 2014 whilst going through my application for the defence force. In the two months that I spent with Rusty I managed to put on nearly 10kgs of muscle, losing fat and drastically improving not only my overall cardiovascular fitness but my muscular strength and mental toughness.

Learning how to push past my limit during training that I would have previously stopped at has been something that I couldn't have done without the 1-on-1 sessions that Rusty offered. After training with Rusty I can happily say that not only did I pass my defence fitness assessment with flying colours but I am now very confident that I will be able to cope with whatever may be thrown my way at basic training in a few weeks time. Rusty's dedication, support, knowledge and commitment to helping his clients achieve their goals is second to none and I can't recommend him enough. Thank You Rusty! "

By Brittany Smith

Darren Hill


One year ago I did a peak flow monitor test at the doctors prior to getting my script for my asthma preventer. The normal range for a person like me is around 550- 590. My result was 420. Then 6 months ago after starting your turbo class & a bit on my own it went up to 470. Still a bit low for where I needed to be. Now I am doing more with you and on my own plus normal MMA classes.

I had a test yesterday when I got my new script and it was up to 520, which is 92% of where it should be. I can go days without having my medicine and am really concentrating on controlling my breathing when I get a bit out of breath and feel the need.

I just wanted to share this with you and say thank you for sharing your knowledge (in general) on fitness and techniques which has helped improve my health.


By Darren Hill

Gemma Ormerod

I met Rusty through my husband who had been training with Rusty for 3 months at that time. Coming from a long distance running background, I was used to hour long runs and hours in the gym. I was shocked at the results that I could get with Rusty’s sessions. I was getting better results with Rusty’s personal training sessions than I had been getting. I started personal training with Rusty in May 2010. After sitting down with Rusty we worked out what my goals were and Rusty personalised my training to meet my goals. Even when those goals changed, he has adapted and changed my training to suit. Rusty has not only helped me with my physical fitness but also my self confidence, self esteem and my ability to deal with issues that I had regarding food. My family and I went on a holiday to Fiji in May 2011 and my goal was obviously to look good in a bikini. Not only did I feel good in myself but to top it off I had a six pack. Rusty has changed my life for the better. Thank you. 

By Gemma Ormerod

The Connolly's

We love attending Boot Camp with Rusty. If you have any issues with injury or limited mobility, Rusty adapts the exercises in his sessions to suit individual needs. This has been great for both of us in ensuring that we can continue working on our fitness while recovering from recent knee / shoulder surgery.

Rusty is an expert at making sure everyone is taken care of and working at their current level of fitness. He really lives up to the name “Mix-it-up Fitness”; each session is different with new and interesting exercises. He also makes sure you have a laugh and enjoy yourself.  We would recommend him to everyone! (He even caters for the over 50’s, like Owen!!)

By Owen and Gillian Connolly

Larissa Spiegel

“I commenced training with Rusty in Feb 2011 with the turbo classes, I enjoy the turbo classes as they are short but intense and kept the programs interesting with new drills always being introduced into the class which continues to challenge me. With the continual encouragement from Rusty, to challenge and improve myself I now train with him 6 days a week attending both the turbo and boot camp sessions. I now feel stronger, healthier and more confident in my ability to achieve my goals.

Rusty shows personal commitment and passion in helping me achieve goals.”

By Larissa Spiegel

Trevor Waterston

“I first met Rusty Mcbride through martial arts in Warragul where I was training twice a week. The first thing that struck me about Rusty was his commitment to his training and we got along straight away. I approached him and asked for some advice regarding weight-loss. Well was I in for a shock from the wealth of knowledge and information that was forthcoming, just blew me away. So with some words of encouragement began a long trek to losing 40kgs as I weighed 140kgs.

It wasn’t easy, it was hard work but with the tools and support that I received from Rusty, it was well worth all the interesting workouts and all those other intriguing movements/exercises he comes up with that I hadn’t done or seen in years but again all worth it in the end. The absolute best time from all this hard work came one Saturday afternoon when I was having a fat clothes burning day, and as if he knew Rusty came down my driveway just in time to help me throw the last pile of fat clothes on the fire. What a great feeling that was for both of us. And the journey continues...

Thank you Rusty for giving me back my life.”
By Trevor Waterston

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