“I first met Rusty Mcbride through martial arts in Warragul where I was training twice a week. The first thing that struck me about Rusty was his commitment to his training and we got along straight away. I approached him and asked for some advice regarding weight-loss. Well was I in for a shock from the wealth of knowledge and information that was forthcoming, just blew me away. So with some words of encouragement began a long trek to losing 40kgs as I weighed 140kgs.

It wasn’t easy, it was hard work but with the tools and support that I received from Rusty, it was well worth all the interesting workouts and all those other intriguing movements/exercises he comes up with that I hadn’t done or seen in years but again all worth it in the end. The absolute best time from all this hard work came one Saturday afternoon when I was having a fat clothes burning day, and as if he knew Rusty came down my driveway just in time to help me throw the last pile of fat clothes on the fire. What a great feeling that was for both of us. And the journey continues...

Thank you Rusty for giving me back my life.”
By Trevor Waterston

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