I started training with Rusty in February 2014 whilst going through my application for the defence force. In the two months that I spent with Rusty I managed to put on nearly 10kgs of muscle, losing fat and drastically improving not only my overall cardiovascular fitness but my muscular strength and mental toughness.

Learning how to push past my limit during training that I would have previously stopped at has been something that I couldn't have done without the 1-on-1 sessions that Rusty offered. After training with Rusty I can happily say that not only did I pass my defence fitness assessment with flying colours but I am now very confident that I will be able to cope with whatever may be thrown my way at basic training in a few weeks time. Rusty's dedication, support, knowledge and commitment to helping his clients achieve their goals is second to none and I can't recommend him enough. Thank You Rusty! "

By Brittany Smith

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