One year ago I did a peak flow monitor test at the doctors prior to getting my script for my asthma preventer. The normal range for a person like me is around 550- 590. My result was 420. Then 6 months ago after starting your turbo class & a bit on my own it went up to 470. Still a bit low for where I needed to be. Now I am doing more with you and on my own plus normal MMA classes.

I had a test yesterday when I got my new script and it was up to 520, which is 92% of where it should be. I can go days without having my medicine and am really concentrating on controlling my breathing when I get a bit out of breath and feel the need.

I just wanted to share this with you and say thank you for sharing your knowledge (in general) on fitness and techniques which has helped improve my health.


By Darren Hill

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