I met Rusty through my husband who had been training with Rusty for 3 months at that time. Coming from a long distance running background, I was used to hour long runs and hours in the gym. I was shocked at the results that I could get with Rusty’s sessions. I was getting better results with Rusty’s personal training sessions than I had been getting. I started personal training with Rusty in May 2010. After sitting down with Rusty we worked out what my goals were and Rusty personalised my training to meet my goals. Even when those goals changed, he has adapted and changed my training to suit. Rusty has not only helped me with my physical fitness but also my self confidence, self esteem and my ability to deal with issues that I had regarding food. My family and I went on a holiday to Fiji in May 2011 and my goal was obviously to look good in a bikini. Not only did I feel good in myself but to top it off I had a six pack. Rusty has changed my life for the better. Thank you. 

By Gemma Ormerod

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